Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Results

Congratulations to our little Nippers

U8 Male Wade Relay - 3rd Queenscliff (Mork/Edgerton/Griffin/Hopkins)

U8 Male Beach Sprint - 2nd Eli Mork and 5th Kalan Griffith

U Male Beach Relay - 3rd Queenscliff

U9 Female Beach Sprint - 1st Briony Clarke

U9 Female Beach Flags - 4th Luana Darocha

U10 Male Beach Relay - 2nd Queenscliff

U10 Female Beach Srpint - 4th Chase Perrett

U10 Female 1km Run - 3rd Chase Perrett

U11 male Beach Sprint - 2nd Artie Leiper

U11 Beach Flags - 2nd Artie Leiper 3rd Sam Clanci

U12 Male Beach sprint - 2nd Archie Richards

U12 Female 1km Run - 3rd Mercy Nathanael

U13 Male Beach Sprint - 1st Ollie Cummins

U13 Male Beach Flags - 1st Ollie Cummins

Mixed Events

All Age beach Relay - 4th Queenscliff

March Past - 4th Queenscliff

U14 5 person R&R - 2nd Queenscliff

U12-13 Person R&R - 2nd Queenscliff 3rd Queenscliff Blue



Over 24 Swim - 1st Chris Allum

Mixed First Aid - 6th Queenscliff (Louw/Louw)

U19 Male Swim - 4th Joel Aitken

U19 Male Board - 5th Joel Aitken

U17 Male Beach Sprint - 3rd Miles Branagan

U17 Female Swim Team - 4th Queenscliff

U17 Female Board Relay - 5th Queenscliff (Owen/Motherway/Harlen)

U17 Female Board Rescue - 5th Queenscliff (Owen/Motherway)

Mixed Events

U17 5 person R&R - 1st Queenscliff Red

U15 5 person R&R - 1st Queenscliff


Individual Medalists Men 


2km Run 

Silver: Eric Dole (55-59yrs)



Gold: Brian Dolly (50-54yrs), Bob Wilson (65-69yrs) 

Silver: Jon Harwood (30-34yrs), Greg Gardner (50-54yrs), Steve Nelson (55-59yrs) 

Bronze: Dave Callan (35-39yrs), Dave Shearsby (55-59yrs) 



Gold: Jon Harwood (30-34yrs), Dave Callan (35-39yrs), Michael Gedz (50-54yrs), Steve Nelson (55-59yrs), Bob Wilson (65-69yrs) 

Silver: Shaun Sursok (35-39yrs), Greg Gardner (50-54yrs) 


Individual Medallists Women


1km/2km Run 

Gold: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Mel Way (45-49yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs) 

Bronze: Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs) 



Gold: Jennie Callan (30-34yrs), Kelly McFadden (45-49yrs), Shelly Hoy (50-54yrs), Merrilee Linegar (55-59yrs), 

Silver: Annabel Nelson (45-49yrs), Sukie Southern (55-59yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs)  

Bronze: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Selma Stensland (45-49yrs), Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs), Linda Burrell (55-59yrs) 



Gold: Jennie Callan (30-34yrs), Kelly McFadden (45-49yrs), Merrilee Linegar (54-59yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs) 

Silver: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Annabel Nelson (45-49yrs), Sukie Southern (55-59yrs) 

Bronze: Gab Davis (45-49yrs), Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs), Linda Burrell (55-59yrs)


Relay Results 

Gold: Mens 140yrs (Callan/Harwood/Hoy/Sursok), Mens 200yrs (Nelson/Gedz/Shearsby/Dolly), Mens 230ys* (Wilson/Dorahy/Collins/Johnston), Women170yrs (Callan/Hoy/Nelson/McFadden), Women 200yrs (Stensland/Way/McGinley/Brown)

Silver: Women 230yrs* (Porter/Southern/Burrell/Linegar)


*Branch ran mixed 230yrs only. Our womens and mens teams ran against each other

Great results for the Surf boats at Branch congratulations

Gold for Reserve grade

Silver for Under 23 men

Bronze for Open mens

Gold for 220 years Masters men

Gold for 120 years Masters Women

 Alex had 3 crews in the open carnival and all three made finals and rostrum finishes.