Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Results

Congratulations to our little Nippers

U8 Male Wade Relay - 3rd Queenscliff (Mork/Edgerton/Griffin/Hopkins)

U8 Male Beach Sprint - 2nd Eli Mork and 5th Kalan Griffith

U Male Beach Relay - 3rd Queenscliff

U9 Female Beach Sprint - 1st Briony Clarke

U9 Female Beach Flags - 4th Luana Darocha

U10 Male Beach Relay - 2nd Queenscliff

U10 Female Beach Srpint - 4th Chase Perrett

U10 Female 1km Run - 3rd Chase Perrett

U11 male Beach Sprint - 2nd Artie Leiper

U11 Beach Flags - 2nd Artie Leiper 3rd Sam Clanci

U12 Male Beach sprint - 2nd Archie Richards

U12 Female 1km Run - 3rd Mercy Nathanael

U13 Male Beach Sprint - 1st Ollie Cummins

U13 Male Beach Flags - 1st Ollie Cummins

Mixed Events

All Age beach Relay - 4th Queenscliff

March Past - 4th Queenscliff

U14 5 person R&R - 2nd Queenscliff

U12-13 Person R&R - 2nd Queenscliff 3rd Queenscliff Blue



Over 24 Swim - 1st Chris Allum

Mixed First Aid - 6th Queenscliff (Louw/Louw)

U19 Male Swim - 4th Joel Aitken

U19 Male Board - 5th Joel Aitken

U17 Male Beach Sprint - 3rd Miles Branagan

U17 Female Swim Team - 4th Queenscliff

U17 Female Board Relay - 5th Queenscliff (Owen/Motherway/Harlen)

U17 Female Board Rescue - 5th Queenscliff (Owen/Motherway)

Mixed Events

U17 5 person R&R - 1st Queenscliff Red

U15 5 person R&R - 1st Queenscliff


Individual Medalists Men 


2km Run 

Silver: Eric Dole (55-59yrs)



Gold: Brian Dolly (50-54yrs), Bob Wilson (65-69yrs) 

Silver: Jon Harwood (30-34yrs), Greg Gardner (50-54yrs), Steve Nelson (55-59yrs) 

Bronze: Dave Callan (35-39yrs), Dave Shearsby (55-59yrs) 



Gold: Jon Harwood (30-34yrs), Dave Callan (35-39yrs), Michael Gedz (50-54yrs), Steve Nelson (55-59yrs), Bob Wilson (65-69yrs) 

Silver: Shaun Sursok (35-39yrs), Greg Gardner (50-54yrs) 


Individual Medallists Women


1km/2km Run 

Gold: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Mel Way (45-49yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs) 

Bronze: Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs) 



Gold: Jennie Callan (30-34yrs), Kelly McFadden (45-49yrs), Shelly Hoy (50-54yrs), Merrilee Linegar (55-59yrs), 

Silver: Annabel Nelson (45-49yrs), Sukie Southern (55-59yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs)  

Bronze: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Selma Stensland (45-49yrs), Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs), Linda Burrell (55-59yrs) 



Gold: Jennie Callan (30-34yrs), Kelly McFadden (45-49yrs), Merrilee Linegar (54-59yrs), Helen Porter (60-64yrs) 

Silver: Jay Harwood (30-34yrs), Annabel Nelson (45-49yrs), Sukie Southern (55-59yrs) 

Bronze: Gab Davis (45-49yrs), Suzanne Brown (50-54yrs), Linda Burrell (55-59yrs)


Relay Results 

Gold: Mens 140yrs (Callan/Harwood/Hoy/Sursok), Mens 200yrs (Nelson/Gedz/Shearsby/Dolly), Mens 230ys* (Wilson/Dorahy/Collins/Johnston), Women170yrs (Callan/Hoy/Nelson/McFadden), Women 200yrs (Stensland/Way/McGinley/Brown)

Silver: Women 230yrs* (Porter/Southern/Burrell/Linegar)


*Branch ran mixed 230yrs only. Our womens and mens teams ran against each other



55-59 Surf Swim - 4th Phil Bird


60-64 Surf Swim - 2nd Neil Schaffer


70+ Surf Swim - 1st Danny White


110 Years Surf Teams - 2nd Queenscliff


170 Years Surf Team - 1st Queenscliff


70+ Ironman - 1st Danny White


130 Years Taplin - 1st (Allum/Hayes/Henderson)


150 Years Taplin - 3rd Queenscliff (Bird/Clare-Nazer/Nankervis)


40-44 Male Skis - 1st Chris Maker and 4th Matt Carey


50-54 Male Skis - 2nd Grant Henderson and 6th Jeremy Lai


55-59 Male Skis - 1st mark Clare-Nazer


110 years Ski Relay - 2nd Queenscliff (Allum/Lai/Carey)


150 Years Male Ski Relay - 2nd Queenscliff (Henderson/maker/Clare-Nazer)


45-49 Female Skis - 2nd Kirsten McFadden


50-54 Female Skis - 2nd Maree White


40-44 Male Double Skis - 1st Queenscliff (Clare-Nazer/Carey)


50-54 Male Double Skis - 5th Queenscliff (Henderson/Lai)


45-49 Female Double Skis - 1st Queenscliff (White/McFadden)


45-49 Male Boards - 6th Peter Nankervis


50-54 Male Boards - 1st Tim Hayes and 5th Jeremy Lai


55-59 Male Boards - 1st Ian Poole and 3rd Phil Bird


70+ Male Boards - 2nd Kevin Harris and 3rd Danny White


130 Years Board Relay - 1st Queenscliff (Allum/Hayes/Poole)


150 Years Board Relay - 1st Queenscliff (Lai/Bird/Nankervis)


170 Years Board Relay - 6th Queenscliff (Schaffer/Harris/Maker)


45-49 Male Board Rescue - 2nd Queenscliff (Nankervis/Hayes)


55-59 Male Board Rescue - 2nd Queenscliff (Poole/Bird) and 3rd (Harris/Clare-Nazer)


70+ Male Board Rescue - 1st (White/Kwanten)


60-64 Male Tube Race - 1st Neil Schaffer


70+ Male Tube Race - 1st Danny White


50-54 Female Tube Race - 1st Maree White

Great results for the Surf boats at Branch congratulations

Gold for Reserve grade - (Carroll/Hay/Moore/D.Welsh/A.Welsh)

Silver for Under 23 men - (Bellew/Cistulli/A.Stuart/M.Sturat/A.Welsh)

Bronze for Open mens- Cornwell/Cunningham-Reid/Molloy/Slattery/A.Welsh)

Gold for 220 years Masters men - (Heard/Holland/Lerpiniere/Lewsam/Martin)

Gold for 120 years Masters Women - (A.Butt/P.Butt/S.Butt/Day/Snel)

 Alex had 3 crews in the open carnival and all three made finals and rostrum finishes.