Sunday 17th March 2019

Team Q:
On Sunday, 17th March we will be having a drone take footage from about 7:30am-10:30am - we are asking that as many areas of the Club come down during that time and find a patch of sand or water and train preferably in competition gear, (Queensie caps/Swimmers please) so that we can get some good aerial footage as well as footage of each section individually eg Boaties, Nippers, Masters Runners, March Past, R&R, Ski paddlers, Board paddlers, IRBs - we want you all. The Sunday morning patrol will be there to represent the patrol. 

Also we would like to capture photos too so if you have a digital camera and are good at taking photos please please bring it along and take photos and drop them to the Office or upload to Dropbox or alternative and send us the link to

Please a shout out to all TEAM Q Members and ask them to come on down and train or turn up in Queensie gear so that we have the whole beach covered! Please ensure that members are aware that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority have advised it is okay for us to do this as the drone will be flown according to the rules and the operator of the drone has their Aviation Reference Number. The footage will be used at presentation night and for promotional purposes so if members do not want to have their selves and/or their families on our website or social media then they do not need to participate. 

Let's populate the beach with TEAM Q on Sunday, 17th March!! The 17th March will also be the Swim for Saxon at 10.30am so it would be great to see many faces supporting the Swim, so please stay after you have finished your training and support.

For further information please contact Robyn Henderson on