Nipper Code of Conduct

Nipper Code of Conduct

Queensie Nippers – What are we about?

At Queensie Nippers we are proud to have been teaching kids about the beach and surf for over 30 years. Since 1924 Queenscliff has been a club for families, run by you.

We promote building our Nipper’s skills to give them confidence and proficiency to enjoy the beach.

We provide an environment for both competition and confidence building activities.

At Queensie Nippers we have an organised structure to run our programs and provide resources for you to utilise and learn.

During the season and on Sundays we encourage ‘everyone’ to participate , whether you are getting started in the surf as a Nipper, helping with water safety or on the beach as a parent and even running the BBQ to feed our hungry Nippers after a Sunday session.

Please ask if how to get involved if you are keen to help - even if it all seems to be happening!

Your participation at any level helps for the smooth running of Nippers for everyone.

Age Manager and Age Coordinator Code
As an Age Manager or Age Coordinator my role is to ensure:

  • I have a commitment to the club to attend training sessions to build my knowledge on beach and water disciplines
  • Nippers participate for their enjoyment
  • When Nippers participate in competitions sportsmanship is a priority
  • I create an environment that is easy for parents to become involved
  • I will never ridicule or criticise the Nippers about their performance
  • I will operate within the rules &spirit of the competition and teach my Nippers to do the same
  • I will ensure that the time my Nippers spend with me is a positive experience by encouraging and rewarding them equally
  • I will ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of my Nippers
  • I will ensure my nippers understand the rules and that they are in place for their safety
  • I have a commitment to the club to encourage and prepare Nippers for competition
  • I am proud of Queensie and will encourage my Nippers to proudly represent the club at all times

Nippers Code
As a Queenscliff Nipper I commit to:

  • Participating in Nippers because I enjoy the sport
  • To always follow the rules and respect the ocean and conditions
  • Be a good sport and control my temper
  • Respect the official’s decisions
  • Treat other competitors as I would like to be treated
  • Aim to have fun and improve my ability
  • Listen to my Age Manager, team and my Queensie mates

Parent and Carer Code
As a Queensie Nipper Parent or Carer I commit to:

  • Not making an unwilling child participate in a sport
  • Understanding that my nipper is involved in sport for their enjoyment, not mine
  • Encourage my Nipper to play by the rule
  • Encourage that the effort is as important as the result
  • Work towards improving skills and sportsmanship
  • Recognise and encourage good play or efforts
  • Do not publicly question an official’s decision
  • Recognise and respect the efforts of volunteers