Nipper Information



For more information on Nippers and junior activities at Queensie you can email the club on or 9977 2326.

Age of Nippers
In accordance with regulations from Sydney Northern Beaches Branch, a child must have turned 5 before 30 September of the year that they are eligible to join Nippers. Children are registered in the age group according to the age of the child on 30 September. For example, if your child is 11 on 30 September, the child will be in the Under 12s.
Age Group Date of Birth
Under 6 01 October 2011 to 30 September 2012
Under 7 01 October 2010 to 30 September 2011
Under 8 01 October 2009 to 30 September 2010
Under 9 01 October 2008 to 30 September 2009
Under 10 01 October 2007 to 30 September 2008
Under 11 01 October 2006 to 30 September 2007
Under 12 01 October 2005 to 30 September 2006
Under 13 01 October 2004 to 30 September 2005
Under 14 01 October 2003 to 30 September 2004

New Nippers
Most of our new Nippers each season are our Under 6s, however we welcome all ages up to Under 14s, so don’t be shy you will meet a lot of new friends by joining. And remember if you are 15 to 18 years you can join our Cadets and become a Senior Member of the Club.


Visit our Under 6s Top Tips Information page for more information for new Nippers.
Season and Times
Our season starts on Sunday 9 October 2016, please arrive by 8:45am each Sunday for a 9:00am start. Sessions finish at approximately 10:15am and everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the BBQ afterwards. Visit our Season Calendar for the full schedule of activities.

At the height of the season parking is limited so allow time to park and walk to the beach, many Nippers choose to ride their bikes with bike racks provided outside the club.
All Nippers are required to wear a Queensie Nipper cap, swimmers and high visibility rash vest. These are available for purchase from our Uniform Shop, located downstairs in the Club House (open Sunday mornings during the season). This uniform is essential as it helps our Age Managers and Coordinators identify which kids are involved in the Nipper events on Sunday mornings.
Age Managers & Coordinators
Our Age Managers and Coordinators are parents, volunteering their time to help run our Sunday program.
Leading into the 2016-2017 season we will be canvassing past Age Managers and Coordinators to return to the beach to help. We will also be recruiting new help, especially for the Under 6 Nippers who will be new to the Club.
The Club will hold coaching sessions for Age Managers and Coordinators to educate them as to what is required for their particular age group.   Generally no previous experience is required for the younger Nippers just a sense of fun.   Many of our Age Managers continue on through the seasons with their same group and it is an advantage to complete Surf Lifesaving’s Bronze Medallion.   The club will hold sessions for this course and many other appropriate training sessions for our volunteers.   It is a great way to get involved and make Nippers a truly family activity.
As you can appreciate, there is only so much we can teach our Nippers in our normal Sunday morning Nipper program. Therefore, Queensie provides training in beach and water disciplines by experienced and caring coaches. This training caters for all levels of experience for our Under 8s through to Under 14s.
This season we call upon parents enrolling their children into training to become involved in the session by providing assistance to the Coaches in setup and implementation of training activities. At the end of each training session the Coaches will be available to discuss your child’s performance and offer valuable guidance.

Details on the season's training schedule are available now.
Carnivals are a very important part of the season, please refer to the Season Calendar for dates.
Under 8s to Under 14s are eligible to enter carnivals, entry is done via the Club and the Club pays the applicable entry fees. It is very important that if you register for a carnival that you attend, otherwise the Club is out of pocket.  If on the day you feel conditions are not right for your confidence levels, come along and cheer on your team mates anyway!
Your Age Manager will provide you with the range of events staged at a carnival relating to your age group. They will also provide you with details on coaching that the Club offers to enhance your ability.
The March Past is one of the great traditions of surf lifesaving and every club must have a team. It is always a proud moment when the Queenscliff team marches in at every carnival, following behind the band in perfect step. We will need volunteers this season.
This season we would like to have an R&R team entered in carnivals. Ideally we are looking for 13 and 14 year olds. The teams consist of five so maybe get a group of friends together and make a team. This is a great option for those who might not compete in many events at a carnival.
Nipper Awards
Queensie prides itself on celebrating achievements at all levels. It’s not always about first past the post, it’s about showing your eagerness to participate in good spirit.
This season we will stage three Inter Club Championships giving our Under 8s to Under 14s the opportunity to demonstrate their skill in beach and water disciplines. Points will be accumulated for positions reach on these days, but points also awarded for good sportsmanship and participation throughout the entire Nipper season.
Each Sunday a participation roll call will occur at the start and conclusion of each Nipper session for the Under 8s to Under 14s. The Age Administration Coordinator appointed to these age groups will be responsible for this job, the participation roll call is not applicable to the Under 6s and 7s.
At the end of the Nipper season, Queensie will stage an event to reward Nippers that have demonstrated skills on the beach and in the water, plus those who have participated and demonstrated the values outlined in our Nippers Code of Conduct.
Beach Care
Our club colours maybe Red and Blue, but there is another colour we want to instill in our Nipper program this season and that is Green!! 
Ensuring our Nippers are taught to be conscious of the beach environment is very important. This season we will add to our Sunday program beach care messages and spend time policing rubbish left on our great Queensie beach!
Club Participation Proficiency Requirements for Age Group 8-14 years
For safety and development reasons, junior activity participants shall complete a proficiency evaluation within the first 3 weeks of the season arranged by our Age Managers.
Junior members, from Under 8s up are required to participate in this pool evaluation. 
Age Swim Survival Float
U8 25 metre swim any stroke 1 minute
U9 25 metre swim any stroke 1.5 minutes
U10 25 metre swim freestyle 1.5 minutes
U11 50 metre swim freestyle 2 minutes
U12 100 metre swim freestyle 2 minutes 
U13 150 metre swim freestyle 2 minutes
U14 200 metre swim freestyle 3 minutes
  (in less than 5 minutes)  


Junior Competition Qualification for Age Group 9-14 years
This is an open water swim and must be successfully completed before a Nipper is eligible to compete at recognised carnivals. Your Age Manager will arrange this evaluation in the first 3 weeks of the season.
A competition skills evaluation is not conducted for Under 8s as there is no water competition, except for wade which takes place in waist deep water.
Age Swim
U9 Minimum 150m open water swim
U10 Minimum 150m open water swim
U11 Minimum 288m open water swim
U12 Minimum 288m open water swim
U13 Minimum 288m open water swim
U14 Minimum 288m open water swim

Water Safety
It takes a lot of hands to make Nippers work and Age Managers and Coordinators need help from parents, especially with water events. We need one water safety person for every five children in the water. Helpers must be members of the Club and all members are required to complete a working with Children application process.