Swim for Saxon

Swim for Saxon 2014



On Sunday 18 December 2016 Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club will be hosting the Forth Annual Swim for Saxon Ocean Swim Event, to honour Saxon Bird, our mate and champion Queenscliff competitor.


Saxon is a multiple Branch, State and Australian medallist, both individually and as part of Queenscliff teams.


Date: Sunday 18 December 2016


Location: Queenscliff Beach, Sydney Northern Beaches



1km Ocean Swim

2km Ocean Swim



  • All entrants will receive a free swim cap and a sausage sandwich after the event
  • Prizes for top three male and female open winners of 1 km Swim
  • Prizes for top three male and female open winners of 2 km Swim



Persons aged 13 years and above on the day of The Swim who have adequately trained for the event.


Age Categories:

-      Under 19

-      20-29

-      30-39

-      40-49

-      50-59

-      60+

-      1km will race as one age category


Day in Brief

-      7.30am Registration / entries opens

-      9.30am Registration / entries close

-      8.45am 1km Race briefing

-      9am 1km Swim Start

-      9.45am 2km Race briefing

-      10am 2 km Race starts



  1. On Line- At Oceanswims.com


  1. Email - Down load entry form and waiver the email back to Queenscliff SLSC


  1. Post - Down load entry form and waiver then Post back to

           Swim For Saxon

           PO Box 98

           MANLY NSW 1655


Click here for Entry Form and Waiver


No entries will be accepted without the waiver being signed and returned.


Pre-race entries at $30 person must be received online, via Fax or via post by 5pm Friday 16 December 2016. All entries received after will be considered late entries.


Late Entry


Late entries will be taken at Queenscliff SLSC on race day Sunday 18 December 2016 from 7.30 – 9.30am. A premium of $5 will be added to all entries.


Swim Registration


7.30 - 9.30am at Queenscliff SLSC.


All swimmers MUST register and receive their race number by 9.30am.


Wave Start

 Swimmers will be started in waves in order to reduce crowding.


Race Rules

  1. All swimmers must swim the prescribed course and ensure that their name is marked off the official entrants register at the conclusion of the Swim For Saxon [The Swim] even if they do not complete the course.
  2. Swimmers must swim in the category for which they are eligible.
  3. All swimmers must wear their prescribed cap, race number.
  4. A swimmer may not use extraneous aids e.g. flippers, snorkels or floatation clothing devices (including wetsuits) if they wish to be eligible for a prize.
  5. If the water temperature is 16C or below on the day of The Swim the Race Referee will permit the wearing of wetsuits. This will not preclude swimmers from prize eligibility.
  6. All swimmers must wear only conventional swimming costumes made from lycra and/or nylon and/or polyester. Costumes must contain no neoprene or any other 'high-tech' material or substance or any material with any flotation support. Male swimmers must wear only briefs with no arms, legs or any part of the costume covering their body above the waist. Female swimmers must wear either one or two piece costumes with no arms or legs.
  7. "Rashies" worn for protection from the sun and/or stingers are permitted provided they are not made from neoprene or any other "high-tech" material or substance or any material with any flotation support.
  8. All swimmers are to behave in a fair and sportsmanlike manner without interference or aggression towards other competitors and any breach of this rule may result in disqualification from The Swim.
  9. If in the opinion of an event medical officer or a water safety official a competitor is physically or otherwise incapable of starting or completing The Swim or has been in the water for an inordinate time such competitor may be disqualified from starting or be removed from the water at any time.
  10. If in the opinion of the Race Referee the weather or swimming conditions are dangerous or unsuitable The Swim may be cancelled without notice.
  11. Prize winners must be present to receive their prize.
  12. The decision of the Race Referee is final. Any protests must be made in writing to the Race Referee within 30 minutes of the completion of The Swim.

Risk Warning pursuant to Civil Liability Act 2002 (section 5M)


Ocean swims are demanding and potentially dangerous events. Risks include drowning, natural obstacles, man-made or -controlled obstacles, and marine attack. The Swim takes place in the open ocean. Swimmers enter at their own risk. You should have a medical check prior to entry, and prepare for the event by training. Water safety craft will patrol the course for the duration of The Swim. If a swimmer feels unable to proceed further in the swim, the attention of the water safety personnel should be sought.


The Swim organisers cannot guarantee your safety. The Swim organisers reserve the right to bring to shore by the water patrol any entrants which they deem to be incapable of competing further in the event. While in the competition area - including the beach and water environments - entrants must follow all directions of Manly Council Lifeguards and The Swim organiser’s officials and water safety personnel.

 2016 Swim for Saxon Results click here.